Britain is Great, Indeed.

Snowflakes and raindrops are a far stretch from the blistering heat of which I am regularly accustomed to. However, despite the lack of beaches, sunshine and tan, I believe that I have found my paradise. I know it isn’t exactly worthy of the name ‘paradise’, however I define paradise to be the place where all of your worries and cares can’t reach you. Since I’ve gotten off my flight from Sydney to Manchester, not one problem has been able to reach me. I’ve been disconnected from my normal reality and engulfed into an experience where my only care is the amount of layers I must wear to combat Jack Frost. It has been a true lesson of self-discovery.

The beauty of this country has captured me, and it won’t let me go. The bitter, cold air is endurable and forgotten by my consciousness with the aid of the polite manner of the people here. I have found myself on numerous occasions striking up a conversation with the ASDA checkout lady or an elderly passenger on the bus.

The sights here are flawless. They are truly timeless. I feel like I have stepped back into a time where Kings and Queens ruled with power and ferocity. Ruins and castles dot the countryside forming the makings of my own fairytale. I’ve always wanted to be a princess.

I enjoyed the change of scenery for New Year. I watched a firework display with Big Ben and the London Eye as the star, rather than the Sydney Harbor Bridge and The Sydney Opera House. I spent the night at a house party in which the house was over 100 years old. The home came complete with still intact servant bells and a creepy cellar. I was right in the middle of an Ironic merging of past, present and future all while welcoming 2015 in a 100-year-old home.

My favourite experiences this far however, have been the little things. The crunch of the snow under my boots, the browning remains of the leaves that have bid their farewell to the trees not so long ago in autumn and of course the delicious taste of hot fish and chips drenched in vinegar.

With two weeks left and a trip to London still on my agenda, saying farewell to this country is going to be grave. This country is very where I feel most at home. My heart and perspective flourishes. They always say that home is where the heart is. So this is home.

Britain in all its glory…

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