Confessions of a Twenty Something Train Wreck

That moment when you see or hear something and think ‘holy cow, this is so me’ is triumphant. You just found something that is on your wavelength. That’s exactly how this podcast felt. No overreaction. ‘Confessions of a Twenty Something Train Wreck’ is a match made in heaven for anyone attempting to deal with the millennial drama. The podcast addresses trivial scenarios that the vast majority of young people face. Dating and car troubles just to name a few. The seriousness of emotional breakdowns and dealing with finances are creatively addressed also.

Phoebe takes her audience on a journey, introducing them to her friends, work and personal life. She has her dream job, but considers herself to be a professional train wreck. Train wreck in this context is defined as somebody who makes mistakes, but maintains the capability to have a chuckle. If you identify yourself to be someone who struggles in the dating arena, finds yourself driving the car on an empty tank of fuel and has no clue how to lodge a tax return this podcast will give you several ‘me too’ moments.

After radio giant NOVA introduced a competition for podcasters, Phoebe formulated the pilot and entered it. NOVA granted her the first place prize. The pilot ‘breakdowns’ was followed by four more episodes, creating a five episode series. As the series continues it becomes relatable, having the listener feel as if Phoebe is a friend. It’s perfect for rush hour or traffic chaos after work. It’s simple to listen to, without requiring too much focus.

What makes this podcast so effective is the tone. Some topics contain a serious aspect, such as finances, taxation and mental health. Phoebe builds a comfortable space. Trust is built instantly. You can laugh at similar personal experiences, or laugh along with Phoebe as she recounts hers. Often she includes friends, which provides the feeling of experiencing a cyber-group dynamic. The group in the first episode discuss breakdowns which occur following the accumulation of stress. The light nature allows an audience to recall moments they’ve encountered that might be similar. It reassures that these moments aren’t suffered in solitude.

The podcast hasn’t got a great deal of online presence. It has lacked marketing and promotion, which is a shame. Reviews are limited within iTunes, and only 153 people like the Facebook page. The first episode of the second season has been released, which means more content is coming. However, it’s addictive and continuous content will be an audience at ease in that their new found friend isn’t going anywhere. Reassurance that Nova will continue showcasing phoebe and her train wreck tails. This podcast is at the moment travelling through word of mouth and the featured list for iTunes podcasts.

The podcast is a great tool for young people suffering adversity, because it provides an audible companion that encourages you to not take life so seriously. The audience is encouraged to laugh and shake it off. To consider that other people have overcome the issue too. Season two has dropped and the expectation is high. The first episode is titled ‘dieting’, which is a topic of concern and interest to young people everywhere. If this topic and the remainder of the season are handled with the light hearted, trust built way then it’ll be featured on iTunes once more.

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