Top Pet Peeves on the Wide Open Road

There is nothing more blissful than a dog hanging its head from out of the car window. They’re truly living life off the leash. The wind flaps against their fur and their tongues dangle attempting to keep up with their excitement. A dog is seriously the only creature that can look at driving on a road with other drivers as a glass half full activity.

Getting L plates plastered to the car is a similar feeling to that dog hanging out of the window. As time progresses driving seems to be more in sync with the attitude of a cat. The ‘don’t bother me and I’ll be nice’ attitude they wear.   

The car is the place where many of the solo concerts, I Spy tournaments and random thoughts about life occur. However, it is also a space the hulk would more than like feel most at home.

Here are some of those driving habits which cause the unnecessary whitening of knuckles as they grip the steering wheel.

My paycheck won’t let me drive faster.

Hood invisible, driver’s face in windscreen visible, personal space invaded!  The car behind is way too close for comfort. They need to back it up like Beyoncé. With a quick flash of the brake lights failing to provide any let up, irritation reaches boiling point.

The speed limit is not a gentle recommendation. It’s surprisingly the law. This may come as a shock to drivers who regularly examine the bumpers of other cars at a fairly close distance. The examination certainly isn’t to read what the stickers say. The costly fine and disappointment in the police officer’s eyes is simply not worth anyone’s need for speed.


Show me you care!

It’s not always the Hunger Games out there on the road. There are times opportunities to be friendly present themselves. It’s those times that another driver needs to make the decision between running out of their lane to drive in or merge in front of you. It’s difficult to not be sympathetic to the cause. However, there are drivers who fail to understand the struggle.

Going by the name of the “courtesy wave”, it’s almost considered a crime to not motion thanks when a driver behind has allowed safe passage.  The courtesy wave will always be an unspoken expectation. It goes hand in hand when the car behind allows the road version of the red sea to occur.  

Don’t let the accelerator control you.  

As stated before, the speed limit isn’t a gentle recommendation. However, moving at a snail’s pace isn’t what it’s implying. It means travel at that speed, and change when driving in hazardous conditions such as rain or fog. Overtaking and then slowing right down isn’t either of those hazardous conditions. It’s also irritating to simply be behind slow drivers on a motorway or fast traveling road. It’s like being on an island with your mental sanity threatening to explode. The saint of patience wouldn’t withhold a slow driver, praying for the next overtaking lane to appear soon.

It’s Green. Go!

When the light turns from red to green movement is required. It’s time to continue the journey. It’s most definitely not time to continue watching that vine on Facebook. Phone use is illegal in a moving vehicle, even if it is restricted by movement from a red light. Day dream and text another time, because green means the car can get a little closer to the couch.


Drive through Etiquette.

McDonald’s and KFC don’t require your best table manners; however there is a code when you pull up to the drive through. For many the tight twists before paying at the window aren’t the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge is knowing when to stop ordering. 20 burgers and fries isn’t a drive through order. That’s a go into the store order. The simple order of a McFlurry seems to become further away than a ride at Disneyland.


That earthshaking boom that slowly approaches from behind while at a red light is enough to scare anybody. It’s the king of the road, perched upon his revving throne. The bass of the stereo booms down the street.  Hardcore rap music vibrates the asphalt  beneath, with lyrics no average driver could decipher. He looks cool.  It’s a fight to not turn your head when he pulls up beside you with royal court in tow. It couldn’t possibly get louder. It does. The king of the road revs the engine preparing for a race that only he has entered. The green light appears and off he speeds into the sunset alerting every other road user that he’ll never stop conquering driver ear drums. He’s ready to defeat the next officer that dares to challenge the chariot’s defects. 



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