Affirmations for a Mopey Monday

Monday never wanted you to like it.

It was created by those cruel calendar people to make you miss the freedom of the weekend. They wanted your bed to feel more comfy and the coffee to feel more expensive. They succeed weekly. However, they didn’t think of one motivational power. That’s quotes. Motivational quotes get the blood pumping. Possibly not as tasty as a flat white, but it’s better for both your health and mind.

Miranda Kerr is a big believer in reading daily affirmations and repeating it as the day goes by. She has books dedicated to it.

So what are affirmations? Well they’re little sayings that you repeat in your mind to build confidence, acceptance and motivation. It sounds easy, and it is. The only really tricky part is thinking of something believable. You don’t want your brain to call your bluff. You can speak these thoughts out loud, or keep them in your mind. If you continue to repeat a positive statement over and over again, it is more likely to build you up. You can change the statement daily, weekly or stick with one and turn it into a mantra.

Here are a few to get you started:

  1.  I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today.
  2. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed
  3. I breathe in confidence and breathe out fear.
  4. I have the power and the freedom to create the life I want to live.
  5. I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.
  6. My life is just beginning.
  7. Mistakes are okay.
  8. Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination.
  9. I’m going to make me so proud.
  10. Happiness is a choice.



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