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A second chance

Concrete floor surrounded by metal bars. There’s a soft toy to make it less miserable. That was her reality. She shared real estate with a Staffordshire Terrier and a stocky pitbull either side of her makeshift home. She was ‘Candy’ then. Her hair was matted and claws a little long. She wanted nothing more than to feel loved. She never gave up hope. That’s when her second chance arrived.

From the confinement of her small shelter, she saw the shadows. She didn’t recognised them, but she had a good feeling. The excitement couldn’t be contained. Her heartbeat matched the pace of her wagging tail. This would be the next chapter. The chance to forget whatever came before. 

On the way to my new home

We changed her name. Candy shouted stripper. We chose Honey because of the brown colouration throughout her fur, along with her sweet personality. 

Honey was the most incredible addition to our family. Her energetic spirit presented itself right from the second we met her. We waited patiently to go collect her over the days that followed our pound visit. She needed to be desex and microchipped.

We put her in the car and watched her take everything in. She felt the vibration of the car beneath her, possibly drawing thousands of conclusions in her head. Her past was a mystery, but we had a feeling she knew that her future would be brighter. 

Honey was the treasure, we didn’t know we were looking for. Her addition to our family has been well and truly known. She’s spoilt with toys, fancy bandanas and the occasional treat. She loves a good cuddle, but won’t allow a roughhouse to pass her by. She’s been given a second chance. She’s been provided with love that will be everlasting and true.

We’ve quickly come to know her quirks. She loves men, she loves to smile and most importantly she loves food! If you’re feeling down she’ll offer cosy cuddles, reminding you that happiness can come from even the smallest of sources. With some accidental puddles indoors and the habit of biting during play, she is still learning.  She trusts us, and knows we’re patient. 

Smiles all around!

Rescuing an animal is not only truly rewarding, it’s an experience that you cannot explain. The opportunity of allowing the pet to move past it’s possibly distressing past is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. This can be through the local pound or a private rescue foundation.

Fetching Dogs operates in Sydney, fostering pets until they find a new home. They prevent the need of pounds that euthanise animals due to shelter crowding.  In the experience of Fetching Dogs, theres nothing more satisfying then watching the pet they’ve grown to love find a new forever friend. 

“It’s being able to give them a chance at finding the right home and having a life time full of love, which is what every animal deserves. It’s seeing them happy and well loved in their new home and enjoying life, knowing that they’ll never be hungry or scared or lonely again.” – Sonja, Fetching Dogs.

The opportunity to adopt is giving back in some small way, and making a pet’s tomorrow better than all the dark yesterdays that came before. These animals aren’t broken and could provide the same level of love a puppy from the store could. They’re simply in a sticky situation and need help. 

“You help the many animals already out there needing love and a warm, safe home and you get an amazing best friend in the process who will love you unconditionally and forever. What’s better than that?” – Sonja, Fetching Dogs

We’ll forever be thankful for Honey. She’s made us happy in ways that only a dog could. Although it’s impossible to know what she’s seen in her short life, it’s fair to say that if she could talk she’d tell us all about it.  For now, cuddles and endless love can start to ease the pain from whatever past she left behind. 

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Honey on her forever lounge

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