Book boyfriends you’ll want to date

In the market for a new boyfriend? Finding that no guy meets your high standards? Have you considered fiction?

With the male species turning to pants that pool at their knees in the name of fashion, imaginary boyfriends seem the only savior when it comes to romance. If you’re finding yourself at your wits in the search for romance here’s some help. You might be inches away from filling out that ‘Bachelor’ contestant form or adopting a few dozen cats, but this short list of literary heartthrobs might save you. If they don’t, fingers crossed you get chosen to accept that rose!

  • Jace Herondale (Mortal Instruments)

It’s obvious that this would be the start. He’s got that bad boy exterior with the confident attitude that would roll most eyes. However for you, he’s gentle and sweet. Only seen wearing black, covered in runes and always prepared with a sharp, sarcastic comeback. Jace might not be the guy you bring home to your father, but he is sure to keep your heart skipping beats.

  • Harry Potter

Who said the nice guy finished last? Harry Potter will not only have you under his spell, but he’ll probably show you how to cast them. The mischief seems to find him, however with you by his side you might be able to keep him from trouble. If not you’ll be happy to follow him towards it. He’ll be the stag to your doe.

  • Captain Carswell Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles)

If you want a boy that’ll make you laugh, look no further. With a slightly devious attitude, but a heart of gold Captain Thorne will steer himself right into your heart. Dates surrounded by stars, the moon and probably framed pictures of his ship. He’s a bad boy ready to turn good for you. He’ll constantly flirt, even when it’s inappropriate. However, who can stay mad at those bright blue eyes and devilish dimples?

  • Khalid Ibn al-Rashid (The Wrath and the Dawn)

Imagine your boyfriend married a different woman every night, and then killed her. However, he stopped this disturbing habit all for you! You’re probably thinking that Khalid isn’t boyfriend material. You’re probably right. Some people might be into that though. Perhaps behind the murderous mask is a pair of loving eyes? If you’re into a bad boy, this one’s a whole new level of messed up. He gives Mr Grey a true run for his money.



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  • Heather Nicole

    As far as book boyfriends go, my favorite is Andrew Parrish feom the book The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski. There is also a sequel called The Edge of Always. Andrew Parrish is every young woman’s dream man whos got it all: Looks, charm, charisma, a great sense of humor, and compassion. He’s definitely my fav!

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