Chapter by Chapter

If you’ve ever yearned for the next episode of your favourite Netflix TV show, you’ll understand the feels. Imagine reading a chapter of your favourite book when the author wants you to. This has been my life the past few weeks. I’ve read in shopping malls, on busy streets and whenever a notification alerts me of a new chapter.

Colleen Hoover is the romance novel queen in my books. Never did I think she would have me on edge this much. I’ve lived through ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ and the suspense of figuring out A. This however is an all new type of obsession. At the beginning of this year I picked up her novel ‘Maybe Someday.’ I loved it. My boyfriend got me a copy for Christmas, and it’s honestly one of the best things he’s ever purchased me. When he gifts with a puppy, that might change.

I connected with the characters and felt every emotion they felt. I chomped through each page, still hungry for more at it’s conclusion. I appreciated Hoover’s writing style and I loved her portrayal of living with a disability. She made it clear it wasn’t a defining feature of her character, Ridge. Ridge wasn’t defined by his inability to hear. He was defined by his ability to listen without noise. ‘Maybe Someday’ focused on falling in love, despite the fact it could hurt those around you. It focused on music, friendship and self development.

I then picked up the novella ‘Maybe Not‘ which I again flew through. One sitting was all it took to complete it. What is ‘having a life’ again?

Now, her characters are back in my life, inhabiting my thoughts and decisions. My account on Wattpad has literally given me sleepless nights and made me almost run late for work. I have no regrets. She’s made the experience inclusive, allowing me and several thousand people to accompany her and these characters along the ride. The experience has allowed me to look at Sydney, Ridge, Warren and all of her amazing characters in a 4D scope. They feel more real, as if I’m living their story as it happens. The addition of a Facebook group has meant readers can discuss the story and share their reactions. A member of the group has even gone to the incredible effort of making each character an Instagram page, making me feel as if I’m a friend watching their lives unfold.

Her Wattpad story ‘Maybe Now‘ follows on from the first book, as emotional as the first book. Ridge is tested again between whats right when it comes to looking after his terminal ill ex girlfriend and doing what’s right by his current girlfriend. The decisions made by these characters has caused controversy within that little Facebook community. Despite that the experience of reading a book as it’s written is beyond explanation. It’s engaging and inclusive. I feel as if I’m listening to a story told by my friend. (I like to think Colleen Hoover would by my friend if she knew who I was…)

If you’ve not read these books, do. Then make yourself a Wattpad account and continue following Ridge and Sydney’s journey HERE. I know I’ve not looked back since signing up.


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