Silky smooth minus the razor rash

It’s incredible how self torturous we are in the name of beauty. It’s all in the name of ‘no pain, no game.’ With new trends coming and going, it seems as if beauty equates to the amount of pain required in the treatment. If it just tickles, well you might need to look for something that stings. Something that requires needles or ripping hair from follicles. 

My pain tolerance is quite low. I quake over blood tests. I need someone to hold my hand and discuss Zac Efron to be okay in those instances. I have had my eyebrows waxed, however placing the stuff on my leg scares me cold. Don’t even get me started on putting wax in other areas. Ouch! 

That’s why I’ve turned to laser hair removal. I will never look back. The sting from the cut of a razor in the shower is a thing of the past. I’ve replaced it with the zap of a laser. Logical, right? However, I now only shave my legs once a month. In that sense it is logical. I’m lazy, and laser means I don’t need to worry about shaving prior to picking out a skirt. 

If you’re contemplating it and need the extra push to make that appointment here’s my experience. I initially made the step to book in after a university tutor recommended it to me. She told me laser saved her life and she’d never turn back. I then proceeded to google it while in her class.  I wish I could say sorry about that. If I did I’d be lying.

Here are my top tips when it comes to booking that laser hair removal appointment: 

  • The Consultation: 

Before you laser out them hair follicles make an appointment. I sat down with an employee at Laser Clinics Australia who showed me odd diagrams about hair growth and let me have a tester zap to experience how much it would hurt. She talked me through what to do prior to coming and what I’d need to do after. I was obviously most excited when she told me I couldn’t exercise afterwards for at least 24 hours. We all know that won’t be a problem for me. After my consultation I felt much better and knew I would be in good hands.

  • The Preparation 

Before the appointment you’re asked to shave the areas receiving treatment. There’s nothing better than shaving your legs knowing you won’t need to for another month. You need to do this 24 hours prior to your appointment. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind. I did, and gave the beautician a giggle when she noticed a small patch of hair that I’d missed on my ankle. 

  • The Zap

Have you ever been flicked by a rubber band? That’s the only way the pain can be explained. The pain tolerance differs depending on skin type, hair type and hair colour. Obviously sensitive areas hurt more. For instance zapping your brazilian area is a lot less comfortable than zapping your calf. Thankfully the girls that do the treatment are super chatty. They distract me asking about my weekend plans and what I enjoy watching on Netflix. They take your mind off the pain and save you from any possibility of embarrassment. 

  • The Aftercare

This is the part I struggle with. Remembering to apply laser aid and an exfoliating scrub to lock in moisture, get rid of dry skin and soothe any redness. You’re meant to do this every day to every second day. However, I honestly do it when I remember. I ensure I don’t apply lotions like deodorant (sorry) or fragrances. No fake tan and no leg day. Neither of those appeal to me anyway. I’m happy with my pale and chocolate painted lifestyle. 

  • The disadvantages

It does come at a cost. It can get pricy with treat often of $150 a session for underarms, half of your legs and brazilian. It takes ten sessions to really work it’s charm too, meaning you’re forking out a bit of money to say goodbye to unwanted hair. Aside from the cost there are risks. There’s a possibility of scaring, discolouration and redness. However, if you voice concerns to your clinic they will be accommodating. If they aren’t, find a better clinic.


Over all it’s been a pleasant experience and I would recommend laser hair removal. It’s less painful, time consuming and despite the pain it can be quite enjoyable. However, please do so when it’s winter. Hair removal at the start is a hairy process and you can’t shave in between treatments. You don’t want hair down there during bikini season.

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