My Period Essentials

Equipped with a license to kill attitude and a serious case of cramps. The visit from Aunt Flow is never welcomed.

When I first got my period, my sister told me I only had Eve to blame. She picked the apple, ate it and doomed every female that came after her. All for an apple. Why couldn’t it have been a cupcake? I would have understood if the food she was tempted by was unhealthy at the very least.

To the woman He said: “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you.”” (Genesis 3:15).

Despite Eve’s idiotic mistake that led to women paying the consequences, we’ve learned to adapt. Obviously, this is the biblical reason and there is a little more science to it. That’s not a debate I’m here to begin. I’m simply here to blog about Flow herself and how I deal with the bitch when she’s in town.

My necessities are straightforward, but it’s fun to discuss. I once wrote a blog post about the graffiti in toilet cubicles, so this isn’t that far fetch in all honesty.


The most vital part. The necessity to be entertained when I feel like crap. It’s the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing and binge watch absolutely everything.

Riverdale, Suits and friends. Give me it all!


I am obsessed with these things.

My Cocoa Nanna (Yep. I know) would always put one at the foot of her bed before getting into it on a night to keep her feet warm. I borrowed the idea after learning heat packs can dull the pain of stomach cramps brought on by the insufferable, monthly occurrence.


I found that heat packs sucked. Growing up my period pain was terrible. I felt as if aliens had made a home in belly years beforehand and were attempting to vacate my body to attack Earth. I’d be so hated. Imagine if I was basically Daenerys Targaryen. Mother of Aliens.

Heat packs that I would warm up in the microwave would only help temporarily. Boiling the kettle and heating up my hot water bottle helped numb my entire stomach, making the pain numb with it.

The warmth would obviously suck through summer. Australia’s 40-degree Celcius heat isn’t ideal. (104 Fahrenheit. I think. I google converted this. Basically, it’s bloody hot!). I’d pump the air con and waste my parent’s electricity, hot water bottle at the ready.  Since I’ve moved out, I’ve taken to keeping the hot water bottle on my stomach for short stretches of time to avoid melting.


A given.


Obviously, we can’t stay in our PJ’s the entirety of our period. However, the second it hits home time from whatever it is I am doing I make a beeline for the slacks, granny panties and fluffy socks.

Comfort makes my period less of a nightmare. I cuddle up on the couch with a good book, a tea and a candle lit nearby to relax. I expect my housemates to keep a decent perimeter from me during this time.


Another given. I reach for U by Kotex products but have been known to dapple into some Libra. I like products that make me feel comfortable, secure and confident. Knowing which products I can still wear white with is what I go for.

I also love to reach overnight pads while sleeping. They’re more comfortable and keep me secure overnight too. I don’t mind wearing the bigger pad at all. It’s not ‘gross.’

I prefer wings. Thinner. I tend to reach more for pads, with tampons something I find uncomfortable. However, if I am really required to wear one I will. It’s just not my preference.

I keep them in my handbag, car and obviously in my bathroom. They’re ready to go, just in case I am caught off guard.


I try my best to stay as hydrated as I can. I keep a water bottle close by so that I can ensure my body stays healthy throughout the course of my period. I often add a slice of lemon too just to add some flavour.


I use the Tarte Deep Dive facial wash. I ensure to wash my face nightly before bed because I notice my skin can go a little crazier than normal during my period.

I find it super hydrating.

I avoid heavy makeup and oils. However, I reach for moisturiser regularly throughout the course of my period. Specifically, I focus moisturising my face and hands, which I notice to get the driest.


Did someone say chocolate?

This is simply to lift my spirit. I ignore the guilt.

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