My Reality Romance

Many consider their attraction to reality TV to be a ‘guilty pleasure.’ My relationship with reality TV is never guilt-ridden but always a pleasure. It’s honestly brilliant. When I’m brain dead, tired and don’t want the hassle of keeping up with something as thought ridden as ‘Riverdale’, reality TV is my saviour.

Blanket, junk food and my bad mood in tow, I clear my brain to watch catty bitch fights and problems normal people miss.

Here are a few of my top shows:

Housewives of everything:

Give me a real housewife and I’ll be attentive. The glamorous, wine-soaked lifestyles these women lead contribute to a building complied with envy.

There’s nothing better than watching how the other half live, while using your overdue phone bill as a drink coaster.

Little Women

This one is my weekly must.

Little Women is a franchise that follows the adventures of little people. There are several versions and it’s similar to Real Housewives including LA, Texas and New York franchise.

The show provides entertainment but in a connecting way. You don’t feel as if riches are being flaunted at you every five minutes. The show actively works to provoke conversation and provide insight into the challenges and successes that little people encounter.


Save yourself the eye roll. I have no shame.

I too roll my eyes at Kardashians, but I will try to avidly keep up with them watching back to back episodes.

Lord Disick is by far my favourite.


I know that America’s Bachelor is intense, but Australia’s version is up there too.

The level of investment I have for this show is unhealthy and possibly should be treated with yoga.

I yell at the screen as if it’s a football match, verbally abusing the bachelor/bachelorette if they send home a favourite. (We don’t talk about the Alex & Ritchie scandal of 2016).

Project Runway… and most recently Glam Masters

These competitive shows truly make me yearn for creativity that counts. To make my own clothing or cover my face in makeup that looks attractive is a wish remaining ungranted.

Glam Masters has turned into an obsession. I switch it on weekly to obsess over makeup looks I will never, in my wildest dreams, be able to recreate.

Rupal’s Drag Race

A contender for my top favourite.

Ask me for my favourite drag queen and it’ll probably change after five minutes.

This show makes me laugh, smile and cheer.

Season ten has just begun and I’m well and truly ready to put the bass in my walk!

I have so many more favourites, however, these are my most frequently watched in the space of a week. I’d be lost without them.

Do you love reality TV? What’s your absolute favourite show or what would you recommend?

Let me know with a comment!

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