Under Pressure

Toss and turn.

The two words that have described my sleep pattern for as long as I can remember.

Children are terrified of the monster under the bed.

I’m kept awake by unrealistic ‘what ifs’ and an overthinking brain.

The beast becomes ferocious when out of irritation I open up Facebook, scrolling through social media. I add a toxin to my already fearful thoughts.

‘What if I fail?’

‘I can’t afford that bill?’

‘Why can’t I be more like her?’


Anxiety has always been there.

I was diagnosed with anxiety in high school. I’d panic that I wouldn’t get the score I needed to secure a place at university. I panicked even after receiving early entry into the university I wanted to go to. The worst possible case scenario is built on my thoughts. I uncontrollably work, convincing myself it will happen and I can’t stop that.

I’ve tried medication, talking with people and even pinning motivational quotes on Pinterest. No matter how many boards I start up, the anxiety won’t subside.

It’s as if I’m temporarily fixing the issue. It’s like losing a spider. You might not be able to see it, but that’s possibly what makes the spider scarier. It could be lurking ready to pounce and bite you when you were unprepared.

Panic attacks confront me in situations I fear. Never put me in an elevator for more than five minutes. Oh and don’t take me to a crowded nightclub. Then there are aeroplanes…

When I step outside of my comfort zone and overthink it, I panic. I convince myself that something untrue is completely true, or I consider the worst possible scenario. I’m a doomsday Daisy. Blossoming without rays of the sun.

Then I found my Achilles heel.

The Blanket Ad

Sleep became so much easier when I stumbled across the simplest of remedies. It was a Facebook ad. Data thief or not, I was taken by this blue and white post in particular. My ‘thumbs up’ at the ready!

The ad was for a blanket!

(Cue love heart eyes reaction)

Like a child, a blanket that provides comfort, warmth and security would be the shield for my anxiety.

My anxiety shield

The Neptune blanket is by far the best investment I’ve ever made. I even managed to even get mine on sale!

It’s a pricey buy, but in the short space, I’ve had it the sleep I’ve had has been worth that price. I’m going to sleep earlier and with less thoughts racing around my brain. The thoughts that were like toddlers, soothed by a blanket.

The beauty of this blanket is that it’s weighted. The weight provides comfort and security when your thoughts are negative or corrupting your ability to function. I use my blanket for the bed, but also when I’m on the couch watching TV with my partner. The blanket makes me feel as if I am being cuddled. I literally feel like I’m being swallowed when it’s over my body.

Neptune is an Australian company, however, these blankets are produced by other manufacturers worldwide.

If you’re worried about warmer months, Neptune have thought of that too. The blanket simply unzips allowing you to take the under blanket out (the one with all the weight). The inner part of the blanket won’t affect your temperature. You can place it over your usual bed covers to still get the security from the weight. This factor also makes it easy to wash! (Because snacks and blankets match perfectly. Mine has so far been kept crumb free, but that’s sure to change eventually).

These blankets have been used in medical professions to help people with insomnia, autism and SPD. The scientific facts behind it obviously fly right over my head. I just know it works for me. That’s why I’m infatuated!

They manufacture sheets and even kid sizes. They’re informative and ensure you pick the correct weight for your body. I personally have the 7kg, and lugging it around the house provides me with a valiant excuse to skip arm day at the gym.

This blanket has already changed my world. I’m energised from the sleep I’m getting and am less moody. I require less coffee which my heart thanks me for. I’ve had people ask me to let them know how I found my blanket. I couldn’t recommend it higher.

It’s costly, but worth it. With afterpay options, it’s made more affordable.

I’d be lost without my Neptune.

It’s a weight I’m happy to carry around! (Seriously… I get a 7kg arm workout.)

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post.

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