Meditation and Me

I once thought that meditation was a waste of time. So if you do it’s totally normal. In school, the teachers would make the class meditate. I would just use it as an excuse to nap, I’d rest my head on the table and take off to dreamland.

I now realise that paying attention might have benefited me.

How we first met 

I first came across the benefits of meditation like everything else. Youtube.

I was watching lifestyle youtuber Rachelleea. It was her morning routine. I watch similar videos regularly but never make an effort to incorporate a routine into my morning. My morning remains to consist of random guesses each day. Sometimes I’ll get up motivated with breakfast, house chores and exercise on the brain. Other mornings I get out of bed ten minutes before I need to exit the house.

There is one thing I must do each morning before I leave the house.

Morning Meditation

Before I start my day I find it so important to sit and reflect. It helps me feel a little more centred for the day ahead. Basically like life is together even when I don’t.

I ensure to get out of bed because this process in bed is counteractive. It makes me sleepy again. I’ll either do this in my PJs or whatever I’ve decided to wear for the day. I find a quiet place in the house and relax. This could be out in the sun outside or simply on the couch.

Now, this can be either unguided or guided. I’m often content to sit in the silence and think affirmations to myself. I think about what I am thankful for, what I hope to achieve and those around me I love for a set time of five minutes. Once that’s up I stretch out my arms before taking on the day.

As for guided meditation, I simply use youtube. I look for ones that might contain something I can take away. Something inspirational or reaffirming. I never mediate for more than ten minutes, so I look for videos that stick to that time. I’ll explain why it has to be ten minutes.

Here’s a few I tend to reach for:

Morning guided meditation for a positive & productive day. 

Miracle morning meditation.

What works for you will eventually become apparent.

As I said ten minutes is my maximum. If I spend too much time on this I’ll find a reason to skip. I’ll use being in a rush to get out the door as an excuse. After ten minutes I know my mind will also grow bored or distracted. I want to focus when meditating.


Night time is my favourite time of the day to meditate.

My partner’s mother recommended it to me when I told her I often found it difficult to sleep. It would be as a result of anxiety or an overactive mind. The first step was purchasing a weighted blanket, but pairing it with meditation has become something I rely on daily.

Each night before sleep I plug earphones in and turn the meditation on. I use youtube for this too. I can either listen to sounds of nature. I find rain or the crackle of a fire to be soothing. I also lean for guided meditation which helps to remind me to breathe deep and calm down.

The time ranges from 10 minutes to an hour. Usually, they knock me out and I pull out my earphones through the night before quickly returning to sleep.

There are two youtube channels I tend to reach for. The Honest Guys and Jason Stephenson tend to be the two I pick from.

As for videos I also have favourites there too.

Meditation has truly changed the way I sleep. The quality is better and I wake up less lethargic.

The meditation I do before sleep is time for me to relax and leave today as just that. I meditate to ensure I don’t carry it with me into tomorrow.

If you roll your eyes at meditation and think it’s useless, it’s okay. I was there too. But giving it a simple try has led to a better me, I have found it so important to incorporate both into my morning and evening.

It releases me of anxiety and makes me feel like I am floating. As if my head is above the water.

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