Let him pick the movie

My boyfriend picked the movie and now I’m riddled with issues.

In every relationship it’s give and take. Something we all know and respect. It’s a rule that never seems to stray from movie choice. Whether it be at home on the couch or the big screen, there’s politics behind the choice.

It’s a case of taking turns, but my boyfriend’s manners and chivalry dictates for every two I pick he gets one. It has a lot to do with my argumentative nature. Apparently I have one.

When it comes time for his pick I dread it. Unfortunately for me he is a horror fan. Often he’ll watch them alone, but sometimes he’ll whip the horror out for his one. For my two I select romance and comedy. Light hearted movies that don’t make you fear the dark. Movies he’ll only fall asleep watching.

So when he told me he purchased tickets to ‘The Nun’ my brain immediately began the process of finding a decent excuse. Tired from work, the house is a mess and I feel sick didn’t work.

Popcorn box under my arm and a scarf to cover my eyes in the scary bits I went into that theatre like a champ. Finding our seats I noticed for its first night the room was empty. Probably because everyone else not there had sense.

I had seen the other Conjuring movies. The only other one I had seen in theatres was the ‘Conjuring 2’ so I was familiar with the terror this character caused in me. As for the other films I’d watched them at home in daylight. My boyfriend had picked a 6pm screening so that we could go home after and go right to sleep. Only after sageing the entire home.
I spent the entirety of the movie clinging to his arm, burying my face in his shoulder when the real suspenseful music began. He’d occasionally help me out with instructions. ‘Don’t look’ he’d prompt when he knew shit was about to go down.

This tall, cloaked demon with white makeup and terrifying contact lenses lurked in hallways and shadows through the movie. It jumped out on the characters and myself. I have a fear surrounding faces. If I can’t see eyes I panic. Scary masks and I don’t work well. So when the nun’s army of faceless nuns rocked up, I began to pray myself.

These movies have a continual story line. They connect. I’m intrigued by that factor. I wanted to see if the nun was mates with Annabelle. Did they hang out in hell? Maybe they went to the devil bar together after a long day of scaring kids at slumber parties playing with their Ouija boards?

I was too scared to even focus on that. My concentration was solely on not having a fright attack.

There is a scene where the nun emerges from water in front of the lead female character. I think it was a tongue in cheek expression for Jesus’ walking on water. Thanks catholic school for making me over analyse the movie. Anyway, this part of the movie scared me so much my body acted on its own accord. I began to laugh hysterically. The people in front of me turned around confused. The same people who had snicker at me each time I muttered ‘what the f…..’

As for my boyfriend. Apparently not one scare, creep out or jump. I use the word apparently strongly in that sentence. He said the creepiest part was when I recited the our father along with the nuns.

“Can you not do that. It’s creepy.”

Demon nuns, cool. Girlfriend reciting a prayer along with the demon nuns, well that’s where we draw the line.

Despite my long winded recount of being scared out of my boots I have a point. He enjoyed that I was willing to sit through something like that just for him.

Each room was checked twice before I slept, the doors were all locked, no windows opened and the lost battle for keeping the walk in robe light. All of that aside, the movie was a chance to show appreciation for his interests despite them not being my own. I had to push outside of my comfort zone but he held my hand the entire way through it. There are scary situations in reality so his constant grip on my hand through the movie reinforced this when it comes to daily fears. The bills not paid, the stress of planning a holiday he is there for it all.

A scary movie might be just that to you. For me it was trust. I could have easily demanded to leave the cinema at any time and he would have been fine to do that. He held my hand through my fear and made it light hearted with jokes whispered in my ear.

I’m not saying take your boyfriend or girlfriend to a horror movie to test them. It’s simply important to compromise you for what they want to do within your limits. They like sport, well you gotta sit out in the rain to watch the match. You like the ballet, boy better get a tux.

You might have a brief moment of discomfort but they’ll love you all the more for it. Even if they spend the next few days jumping out at you from behind closed doors. Compromise is the key to success in a strong relationship when it comes to my partner in crime.

It’s also knowing that for the next two movies, I get to pick.

Winnie the Pooh, I’m coming for you!

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