Jessica Alba’s confidence booster goes beyond ‘Honey’

Jessica Alba is someone I have little to do with. I don’t mean to say that as if it’s something which should shock you. Cause I know it doesn’t. The fact I wouldn’t have much to do with a major Hollywood actress surprises nobody.

What I mean is that I’ve only really seen one of her movies. I thought she was Justin Timberlake’s wife for a short minute. It was short. My mind blank took away Jessica Biel.

The reason Alba is important to the beginning of my post, however, is because although I know little about her, I do know she’s had to work relentlessly for the career she has. Auditions and rejection shape every almost every Hollywood career. Jessica Alba no different. I didn’t realise how relatable her resilience might be.

I came across this blog by The Ladders. ‘Jessica Alba’s self-confidence hack might surprise you.’ I like having confidence, Jessica Alba is a likeable personality and well surprises rock.

The blog is fantastically written, but I didn’t feel ‘surprised.’

Inspired a better word.


The read provided a small layer for facing my career or future rejection.

Jessica Alba spoke about how her past in acting help her want to pursue business. Many people considered the change to be far-fetched. They shortchanged her believing what she could offer to the industry wasn’t of value. The blog post attributes quotes by the actress to Huffington Post.

“For every yes, there’s a thousand no’s telling you every reason, in a really terrible way, why you aren’t good enough.”

Rejection for us isn’t as blatant for us her experience is relatable. You might not be accepted for the job, he might not be that into you or your dog might escape your cuddle attack to chase its tail.

Rejection is something I’ve come across plenty of times but I don’t think I’ve reached the maximum.  I felt rejection from friends who didn’t value you my friendship anymore, boyfriends who didn’t value my love anymore and even employers who didn’t value my dedication anymore. I’m not by any means alone in these circumstances. It’s what makes us grow. Rejection is life’s way of slamming the door in your face so it can open another. Life’s just rude about it.

Rejection attacks self-confidence

Rejection tears at your self-confidence. It makes you feel less of a person.

Despite that feeling, it does make you work harder to better yourself for next time. It is a great motivator.

The quote that empowered me was this:

“Other people are just giving you their own reality and their own… perspective and their life experiences, but that doesn’t have to be yours.”

Her point of view reflects rejection back onto the person providing you with it. It’s them. They’re seeing it as red while you’re painting with blue. It’s their reality.

They can’t change your thoughts or confidence. You’re reaction to their judgement, painful words and rejection create the damage. It’s up to you to remember this key fact the next time someone tells you ‘you can’t’ or ‘you’re not able to do that.’ To shrug it off and say “that’s your reality” isn’t easy. It’s something that will come after the initial blow. When your anger subsides you’ll realise that their life experience and how they think led them to believe what they did.

They can think that you reaching for those stars is impossible. Let them. That’s their conclusion based on many more factors than just your ambition. It doesn’t need to be your reality.

The job interview’s reality might be a manager higher up the ladder demanding more. The friend judging your hopes might be jealous because they’ve failed themselves. That’s their realities. They don’t need to be yours too.

Jessica Alba is a major celebrity that’s stormed through movies since she was young. Her advice might seem easy. I think though that it’s adaptable to the average circumstance. Career, university, relationships and all the other stuff in between. Although your dog hugging, you might not be a reality thing. That’s just an attention span thing.

You can listen to Jessica Alba’s full interview podcast with Arianna Huffington for FREE on iTunes.



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