Resist, don’t hit snooze!

There really is no such thing as a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job anymore. It was always meant to be a tough gig. Breaking into your industry right after that long degree.

Adulting is difficult. Mastering the grocery store is hard enough let alone venturing into the working world.

When your alarm list ranges from normal to ridiculous that my friend is adulthood. When each alarm is separated by minutes to allow yourself a few seconds of snooze, that too is adulthood. It’s not until this stage in life do you wonder why the heck you feared ‘bedtime’ at 7pm as a kid. 

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Then before you know it… you’re late!

Ever watch the morning routine videos by YouTubers and consider how unrealistic it is?

Those videos are made purely for entertainment. No way will I be drinking coffee happily on the couch while mediating tomorrow. The alarm is set for 4am and this girl needs to hustle faster than that.

However, between my early and random alarms, I’ve found a routine. It was well hidden. If you’re looking for your own try checking between motivation and incentive. If you’re too lazy to look you can borrow mine. 

The vast majority of my routine resides on a morning shift where I am waking up at anywhere from 3am to 6am. Otherwise, shifts can be an afternoon venture which means those youtube routines sound a little more achievable.

This post is dedicated to those morning starts which make the bed feel comfier. Yep, the bastards!

ONE – Prepare

This might be the hardest step. Finding the will to get your crap together is difficult.

I know getting up from that soft couch where Netflix is close by isn’t easy, but just know you’ll thank yourself tomorrow. Pause Brooklyn 99 and begin the process. Before you hit pause feel free to open up your alarm app on your phone and set them. If you’re one of those people that only need one alarm, you’re up there with Deadpool as far as heroes go. Once that’s all set check the weather too so you can pull together clothes that are appropriate.

For me, this means pulling together what I want to wear and laying it out so that when I wake up I don’t need to race around the house pulling out irons and some anger. Socks, bra, and shoes are all placed beside my outfit of choice on my chest of draws. I keep a coat and scarf nearby in case the weather is chilly. This process is incredibly helpful and might actually make you feel like you have your life together. Kinda.

TWO – Hair 

After I’ve pulled out my rockin’ wardrobe I head to the bathroom and begin my beauty routine. My normal face routine consists of washing my face, moisturising, and a good lip balm. I’m simple. Who really needs six different cleansers?

Mad About Waves by Schwarzkopf Windy Texture Balm 150ml

Then I consider my hair. If I’ve showered before bed I might pop in a texturising balm. My favourite is Mad About Waves by Schwarzkopf (what the heck is that word). After a shower, I place a small amount through my hair and twist and scrunch it as it dries. It leaves me looking like a mermaid. Who doesn’t love to look a little like Ariel?

Otherwise, I straighten my hair which usually is enough to last me until my next wash, every third day.

Doing my hair the night before means I can roll out of bed and save myself one job. Spraying some dry shampoo through or putting it up into a ponytail makes it simple and gives the impression to your boss that you do care.

THREE – Water 

This is a recent addition to my routine. I’m an idiot for not considering it before.

Every night I fill up my water bottle before I rush out the door. I might put a lemon inside if I’m feeling frisky. This way I have a bottle to drink through the day and am meeting my healthy goals, which are set at a low standard. Sue me!

I then fill a second bottle or glass to place it beside me on my nightstand. I take sips before I go to bed. Then when that dreaded alarm goes off it’s there for me. I gulp it down which checking my phone or considering an excuse to not show up. It wakes me up and makes you feel less dehydrated.

It’s a simple trick but one I’d never thought to rope it into my morning.

FOUR – Podcasts

On a morning I catch public transport. Music is a little too much for my brain to handle that early. You know what they say… ‘be gentle with yourself.’

I flip out my podcasts and take the chance to listen to somebody enlighten me with information I might not have known before or give me advice to better who I am. Currently, my favourite is ‘The Teachers Pet’ from The Australian. If you’re into unsolved crime this is your thing!

My brain feels challenged and stimulated by doing this through my travel. When I arrive at work or university the chances of me forgetting to pay for parking or falling on my face from sleeplessness are slimmer.

FIVE – Adios Technology

Switch off the phone and TV no less than 30 minutes before sleep. It’s something you want to roll your eyes to, but it works.

Reading a book or perhaps journaling before you turn off the lights for sleep is extremely effective in giving you better quality rest. If you stay up sliding into DM’s you’ll pay for it. Not just in the way you might think.

I spoke to sleep expert Amanda Mackay in a previous post and she explained to me how important it is to detach the habit of technology from bedtime. She says that it tricks your mind into thinking you’re awake. See those DM’s are dangerous. No sliding past your bedtime!

“As a result, our body clock doesn’t get the message that it’s dark outside so our production our sleep hormone melatonin is delayed.”

Read a through chapters, talk to your family or write about the day you had in a journal so that your mind is getting into a mode of relaxation. Meditation is another great tool which can help calm down your mind when it’s craving to check your phone one last time. There are really great options on YouTube.

My five tips are probably easier than you thought. I’m probably not much of a help. If I was let me know. I’d love to know your tips. Make sure you comment or message me if you have come across any helpful hints which might make getting up early that little bit easier.

Getting up early can take a toll on us and it’s understandable that it can play with your mood. If you’re already in chaos a strange pattern in sleep can hinder you. Just remember it’s all for a purpose.

You’re getting up early to head to the job which will become a career.

You’re up early to head to the gym because you like the way it feels.

You need to head to university early so that you get ahead in that assignment, and you’ll love the feeling when you get that amazing grade.

Just remember no alarm is too scary for you to handle!

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  • Teresa

    This was a very good article. I really liked the tips about keeping the morning routine simple when getting ready. I want mermaid hair. I am glad you included water in this list. That is something I am trying to be more conscious of. Your pictures and layout are beautiful. Great job!

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