The Car

The car.

That’s where this all started.

Not in a mind in the gutter kind of way either.

No lookout, no picturesque view.

A simple patch of dirt on the side of the road.

Just the smell of exhaust that lingers, left over from when he cut the ignition.

The dust is still settling.

The tension between them is thick. Her eyes search for some distraction. Something else to focus on.

He clears his throat snapping her gaze back to him.

“I can’t anymore.”

Three words. She’s too young to be this broken. She knew it was coming but the blow still hurt.

“It’s not you. It’s me.”

She can hear what he’s saying but she can’t respond.

It’s as if his words are muffled under the sound of her heart internally breaking.

She wonders if he can hear it. He shows no sign as he waits for her to respond.

Her back hits her own car parked beside him. She needs the support. Trying as hard as she can she works to gather her thoughts.




Words are exchanged. Heat and venom behind each one. It’s a game to see who can say the most hurtful thing. The words which will haunt them years down the road, even long after feelings have gone.

She’ll forget about the heartbreak, the pain and even how this event took place. She won’t forget what he said.

The next relationship she’ll be more guarded. The men in the future will need to chip away at the walls with vigour.

They’re fighting against one another. Not fighting for each other.

Stars look down on them, their vehicles beside them and the occasional car passing by. The patch of dirt on the side of the road insignificant to everyone but them.

Here he’d met her, changed her tyre and a relationship blossomed. Here her heart the casualty of a war she didn’t prepare to battle in. She foolishly had considered him to be safe.

Their cars were parked side by side. It would be the last time he’d ever meet her there late at night. This spot had been theirs. They’d come late at night, sit and talk about life. His job tired him, and the college classes stressed her.

The realisation that this would end simply made her fight him harder.


The brake lights don’t take long to fade. Quicker than what she would have hoped.

Their spot was now just another stop on the side of the road. A patch of dirt with a line drawn through it.

Truck drivers might stop here to take a shift break. Police officers might pull speedy drivers over. None of them would know what this all once held.

It held love.

She slowly walks to her car. Hands shakily bring it back to life.

A deep breath.

Her heart may have been a casualty to this war. But she was about to begin a whole new fight. One she wouldn’t lose. Her friends and family the battalion she needs.

The war to fight the negative emotions from extending their welcome. To fight the impact it might have on her confidence. The all-important battle of not giving up on love.

No doubt in hell, heaven or earth she’d not win.

That boy that left her behind was just the warm-up.

The car.

That’s where this ends.


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