All Bee, No Bumble

A bee literally works itself to death.

However, the little yellow and black critter that buzzes through the flowerbeds could teach her more about herself than she might realise.

Basically yes, she did google deep dive bees. Only because she admires how their sole purpose in life is focused around their hive, their queen, their environment. They’re willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect it all.

The more she googled the more she realised they’re just like her.

Her heart is the hive. 

Inside her hope, her inspiration and dreams are protected.

She spends her life building. Morals, ambitions.

In a typical beehive, there is a hierarchy. The Queen produces offspring and runs the show, the female worker bees collect pollen and protect the hive. The drone bees are the lazy male bees the impregnate the queen doing pretty much nothing all summer. (Typical).

Just like that hive, she works to collect experiences and protect the faith she has in herself. She considers herself a bit of a worker. She’s known a drone or two.

Bees work to protect their queen, honey stash and hive. She works to protect her confidence, self-esteem and belief.

They tempt her

But when a bee stings it sacrifices everything. To kill predators they use body heat, but use a lot of energy while doing so. The ultimate disaster is their sting. When a honey bee stings, it dies. When injecting a human or animal with their stinger they cause an abdominal rupture when attempting to pull out their barbed stinger.

Just like Winnie the Pooh shaking the nest, they try to tear her down.

They try to get her to the point where she feels the need to sting.

They tell her she isn’t good enough. That she can’t. They try to tell her that her dreams don’t matter. At times she wonders if protecting her hive is worth it. She questions if their right.

She doesn’t realise they see her as a danger so they refuse her.

They don’t see the beauty. They don’t see how high she can fly.

She narrowly avoids collapse

From the pressure, she fears losing herself. Letting go of her ambition because it just gets too difficult to protect.

Recently bees have declined in numbers. Due to environmental impacts caused by humans but also due to colony collapse disorder. Scientists are unsure as to why bees are leaving the nest to never return. Perhaps they get tired, stressed or drained from overworking themselves.

Allowing others to back her into a corner and build up to a sting ultimately causes her to lose a part of herself. It’s emotionally draining, tiring. She needs to fight to prevent the collapse of her own colony. Her heart, beliefs and confidence which others deem worth destroying.

It’s not all bad

Despite how sad a bees life sounds, there is an air of positivity.

Bees are constantly bouncing flower to flower, collecting pollen. What a life! She bounces from opportunity to opportunity not even realising when they arise for her to take.

Just like bees she is proving to the world and more importantly to herself that nobody is too small to make an impact. 

She’s the queen. 


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