Welcome to The Loz Blog! 

I’m Lauren, and it’s great that you’re here.

Most people I know call me Loz. Lauren is reserved for professional documents and stern warnings. Everywhere else it’s Loz. Most importantly it’s Loz here.

This is my blog. My own corner of the internet. I’m really hoping you’ll stick around to see what it’s all about.

Introducing Me.

I hate telling people about myself. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than when you go to a job interview and they ask you to tell them about yourself. You never go all the way. You want them to think you’re a go-getter when in reality pyjamas and odd socks are your personal uniform.

Despite the difficulty that I find in telling others about myself I find it easy to do here.

The basic info you need is that I’m a 20 something trainwreck most of the time. I overcook pasta and avoid laundry. The fuel tank of my car constantly pushes itself to go an extra KM on low fuel. My friends and family constantly have their eyebrows raised at my outbursts of random. All in all, I’m quirky and find joy in bringing a smile to the faces around me. That’s what I hope this blog will achieve. I love to make others happy. The ability to do that on a wider scope is my passion.

I currently reside in the suburbs west of Sydney and have just completed a four-year degree. You could say this blog is just a source of income until the employment part after the degree decides to show up. But in all honesty, it’s so much more than a quick buck. It’s my outlet.


One of my biggest learning curves has been attempting to control anxiety. Diagnosed as a high school student struggling with my senior year meant I turned into someone who almost failed. I came close to giving up because of the doubts that swamped my every move.

As I’ve approached more stressful situations such as car trouble, university exams and my relationships I realised something. That the mechanisms I’ve adopted to help me cope are worthy of sharing. That’s the main purpose of my blog. It’s an outlet not only for my readership but it’s for me too. Writing is one of the major outlets I turn to when I’m stressed and anxiety-ridden. I grab a pen and paper or simply open up notes on my iPhone.

I do hope that my blog gives you an outlet too whether you suffer from similar or not. If you’re stressed all the time or for a day. I hope this blog is a place you can come to unwind and think less about the trails life is sending to you.