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    All Bee, No Bumble

    A bee literally works itself to death. However, the little yellow and black critter that buzzes through the flowerbeds could teach her more about herself than she might realise. Basically yes, she did google deep dive bees. Only because she admires how their sole purpose in life is focused around their hive, their queen, their environment. They’re willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect it all. The more she googled the more she realised they’re just like her. Her heart is the hive.  Inside her hope, her inspiration and dreams are protected. She spends her life building. Morals, ambitions. In a typical beehive, there is a hierarchy. The Queen produces offspring…

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    What’s your biggest weakness?

    Her shoes clicked against the pavement. With each step, her nerves chewed at her stomach. It was one of the 200 jobs she’d applied for since graduating two months ago. She had been applying to whatever she could. Regardless if she met the description and requirements or not. She’d googled “how to make your resume stand out” and “what should I wear for an interview” more times than she could count. All to be sure she’d have the right answers. Using a youtube tutorial she had tried to recreate a hairstyle. It was to the best of her ability. Stray hairs were already falling from pins. Don’t even ask how…

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    Resist, don’t hit snooze!

    There really is no such thing as a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job anymore. It was always meant to be a tough gig. Breaking into your industry right after that long degree. Adulting is difficult. Mastering the grocery store is hard enough let alone venturing into the working world. When your alarm list ranges from normal to ridiculous that my friend is adulthood. When each alarm is separated by minutes to allow yourself a few seconds of snooze, that too is adulthood. It’s not until this stage in life do you wonder why the heck you feared ‘bedtime’ at 7pm as a kid.  Ever watch the morning routine videos…

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    Jessica Alba’s confidence booster goes beyond ‘Honey’

    Jessica Alba is someone I have little to do with. I don’t mean to say that as if it’s something which should shock you. Cause I know it doesn’t. The fact I wouldn’t have much to do with a major Hollywood actress surprises nobody. What I mean is that I’ve only really seen one of her movies. I thought she was Justin Timberlake’s wife for a short minute. It was short. My mind blank took away Jessica Biel. The reason Alba is important to the beginning of my post, however, is because although I know little about her, I do know she’s had to work relentlessly for the career she has.…

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    I fought University and I won.

    University was a battle I never thought I could win at one stage. Between the caffeine addiction and accumulating debt, I felt like it was a never-ending war. I was a solo soldier, while lecturers, due dates and powerpoint presentations combined to make a battalion against me. University was never going to be easy. It wasn’t. Yet, despite the large work demands, I was able to enjoy my experience. Between organisation, my support network and my thought process I was able to beat University. I’ll soon have two degrees to frame and the bliss of walking across the stage to shake a professor’s hand. (I need to consider what filters…

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    J.K. Rowling Quotes that will soothe your soul

     J.K Rowling’s twitter account is magic. From tweets that take on Trump to revelations about Hogwarts. She is a woman of wisdom. She is an author that many have enjoyed and it’s fair to question what we did to deserve her.  She’s an inspiration in persistence, with Harry Potter being rejected by 12 publishers who are probably now swamped with regret. Not only this, but Rowling wrote and published her first novel while experiencing the ups and downs of motherhood by herself. Not only has she enriched childhoods but also the lives of many who struggle to maintain their motivation when it comes to reaching for success.   This is…

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    Hollywood isn’t as picture perfect as we once thought. The gossip and scandal seems innocent now. TMZ chasing Paris Hilton down the street was child’s play, compared to what the red carpet has rolled out and unveiled for the world to see. Hidden behind the award shows and glamour was secrecy. The director called cut, but it seems as if everybody kept acting. They turned a blind eye to the culture slowly developing, along with the habit to ignore. In October of this year, several women came forward bravely defying the silence. They placed forward accusations that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstien and movie executive had sexual or indecently assaulted them.…

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    Affirmations for a Mopey Monday

    Monday never wanted you to like it. It was created by those cruel calendar people to make you miss the freedom of the weekend. They wanted your bed to feel more comfy and the coffee to feel more expensive. They succeed weekly. However, they didn’t think of one motivational power. That’s quotes. Motivational quotes get the blood pumping. Possibly not as tasty as a flat white, but it’s better for both your health and mind. Miranda Kerr is a big believer in reading daily affirmations and repeating it as the day goes by. She has books dedicated to it. So what are affirmations? Well they’re little sayings that you repeat…

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    Toilet Talk

    Sit down, let it out and leave. That’s how a toilet tends to work. Yet, why is it that a public bathroom isn’t so straightforward? Women have learned to adapt to the cubical. The ability to hover, to time yanking toilet paper out with the embarrassing noises or choosing a cubicle next door to the one least likely to attract a neighbour. Despite all of these factors, there is one that proves to be mysterious. It’s the conversation that is scrolled across the four walls. Who puts it there and why? There’s no denying that it provides a decent giggle or eye roll, but what’s the story behind bathroom wall…

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    Defeating the Green Monster

    A real woman doesn’t have to throw dirt on other women to feel more secure and better about herself I opened up Pinterest on my phone and typed in quotes about jealousy. This one hit me hard. Attending an all girl school, considering myself a feminist and getting pride when I see a female succeed making me who I am as a female. The quote rang a bell deep inside my heart, which ricocheted all the way to my thoughts. It made me want to defeat that green monster, we as people try to avoid.