• Anxiety

    Meditation and Me

    I once thought that meditation was a waste of time. So if you do it’s totally normal. In school, the teachers would make the class meditate. I would just use it as an excuse to nap, I’d rest my head on the table and take off to dreamland. I now realise that paying attention might have benefited me. How we first met  I first came across the benefits of meditation like everything else. Youtube. I was watching lifestyle youtuber Rachelleea. It was her morning routine. I watch similar videos regularly but never make an effort to incorporate a routine into my morning. My morning remains to consist of random guesses each…

  • Anxiety

    Under Pressure

    Toss and turn. The two words that have described my sleep pattern for as long as I can remember. Children are terrified of the monster under the bed. I’m kept awake by unrealistic ‘what ifs’ and an overthinking brain. The beast becomes ferocious when out of irritation I open up Facebook, scrolling through social media. I add a toxin to my already fearful thoughts. ‘What if I fail?’ ‘I can’t afford that bill?’ ‘Why can’t I be more like her?’

  • Life

    My Reality Romance

    Many consider their attraction to reality TV to be a ‘guilty pleasure.’ My relationship with reality TV is never guilt-ridden but always a pleasure. It’s honestly brilliant. When I’m brain dead, tired and don’t want the hassle of keeping up with something as thought ridden as ‘Riverdale’, reality TV is my saviour. Blanket, junk food and my bad mood in tow, I clear my brain to watch catty bitch fights and problems normal people miss. Here are a few of my top shows: Housewives of everything: Give me a real housewife and I’ll be attentive. The glamorous, wine-soaked lifestyles these women lead contribute to a building complied with envy. There’s…

  • Life

    My Period Essentials

    Equipped with a license to kill attitude and a serious case of cramps. The visit from Aunt Flow is never welcomed. When I first got my period, my sister told me I only had Eve to blame. She picked the apple, ate it and doomed every female that came after her. All for an apple. Why couldn’t it have been a cupcake? I would have understood if the food she was tempted by was unhealthy at the very least. “To the woman He said: “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule…

  • Inspiration

    I fought University and I won.

    University was a battle I never thought I could win at one stage. Between the caffeine addiction and accumulating debt, I felt like it was a never-ending war. I was a solo soldier, while lecturers, due dates and powerpoint presentations combined to make a battalion against me. University was never going to be easy. It wasn’t. Yet, despite the large work demands, I was able to enjoy my experience. Between organisation, my support network and my thought process I was able to beat University. I’ll soon have two degrees to frame and the bliss of walking across the stage to shake a professor’s hand. (I need to consider what filters…

  • Books

    Defeating the Reading Rut

    Finding yourself stuck in a reading rut is worse than getting lost in Wonderland. Everything is weird and it’s as if reality is attempting to cut your head off. Books provide sanctuary from the evils of life. The pages act as your shield and bookmark as the sword. I tend to find myself putting down my weapons and wandering aimlessly on the battlefield. I’m not the best soldier. Reading is great, however there comes moments where the words blur together and nothing seems to make a mark on your brain. Continuing the story seems like a great idea but in theory everything provides distraction. It stops you. The slump seems…

  • Books

    Chapter by Chapter

    If you’ve ever yearned for the next episode of your favourite Netflix TV show, you’ll understand the feels. Imagine reading a chapter of your favourite book when the author wants you to. This has been my life the past few weeks. I’ve read in shopping malls, on busy streets and whenever a notification alerts me of a new chapter. Colleen Hoover is the romance novel queen in my books. Never did I think she would have me on edge this much. I’ve lived through ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ and the suspense of figuring out A. This however is an all new type of obsession. At the beginning of this year I…

  • Relationships

    Expiration dates

    I wish friendships came with expiration date labels. Why? So when they run out you have some form of warning. That when it hits that date the shock isn’t so rude. It’s like when you pull out the milk you forgot about, you check the date and think ‘already? what a shame!’ Friends don’t come with any forewarning of expiration, because life is so unplanned. Well, as a young 22 year old I wish I had taken more notice to the signs that the expiration date could come, warning or not. I wish I’d not brushed it off with excuses. I wish I hadn’t told myself that quantity means more…

  • Life


    “I watch the news in my spare time,” said no one ever. Armed with coffee, an amazing team and a camera the mission to make news interesting for a young audience was set. For the record I was armed with so much more, and very little patience. All was in the hopes of nabbing a distinction. Now I get to post this pretty awesome TV show on my blog, and you get the opportunity to watch. To long; didn’t read aims to condense big news stories, making it easier to digest. Laugh with me or at me. I do hope that either way I manage to put a smile on…

  • Life

    Silky smooth minus the razor rash

    It’s incredible how self torturous we are in the name of beauty. It’s all in the name of ‘no pain, no game.’ With new trends coming and going, it seems as if beauty equates to the amount of pain required in the treatment. If it just tickles, well you might need to look for something that stings. Something that requires needles or ripping hair from follicles.  My pain tolerance is quite low. I quake over blood tests. I need someone to hold my hand and discuss Zac Efron to be okay in those instances. I have had my eyebrows waxed, however placing the stuff on my leg scares me cold.…